Introducing our TWO new Directors!
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Introducing our TWO new Directors!

Two Little Indians is excited to announce the addition of two new directors to our Australian stable.

Dane Hansen is a graduate of the Griffith Film School. Dane comes to directing via cinematography, and on occasion still shoots and directs. He is also adept in post production. Since graduating in 2013, he has established a strong portfolio via a loyal group of exclusive clients. Dane is a great visual storyteller and has a demonstrated knack with humour, which caught the eye of TLI Exec Producer James Greville;

“We are excited by Dane as we saw a successful young director with the skill set to take it to the next level. Having someone who CAN shoot, and edit, means that they direct with consideration to how it will cut. This is especially important with humour, and we think Dane has an incredibly bright future.”

Mick Soiza discovered his passion for film making early, filming his friends surfing and skating. Also a graduate of Griffith Film School and awarded for his cinematography by the ACS, Mick has an incredible cinematic eye. Mick lists amongst his skill set “collaborator” and this is something he truly believes in. He has accumulated an impressive body of work, through collaborations with amazing your DPs and even partnering with other directors. One of the other directors he impressed, was Tori Garrett;

“We discovered Mick through another young DP we work with, and were blown away by his work. His reel is pure quality, work that we are very proud to represent. Mick is the real deal, a consummate professional with no ego, and a genuine desire to collaborate and do great things. I am really excited to have him within the Two Little Indians family”.


Check out Dane’s work HERE

Check out Mick’s work HERE

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